Ported Supercharger

Ported Supercharger


These superchargers start out as brand new assemblies and receive our full porting treatment.  We address the most important areas for flow improvement: throttle body housing, supercharger outlet, and manifold port matching. Roughed on our in-house CNC mill and finished by hand, our porting process yields 20-30rwhp depending on other modifications. 


Superchargers are complete minus fuel rail, throttle body, and intercooler hose manifold.  They include bypass actuator, bypass solenoid, vacuum lines, and Evap solenoid.


Stock pulley is installed as a perfect compliment to our Lower Pulley Ring.  For milder combinations, the 2.55 pulley in the drop down below is a great addition.  We will even install the pulley hub before shipping  so you don't have to.


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