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Crankshaft pinning kit

Crankshaft pinning kit

TC-Fab now has available a pinning kit designed for the LC3 engine!  The crankshaft and factory harmonic balancer does not use a keyway to positively locate and lock the stock harmonic balancer in place. In high-horsepower applications the harmonic balancer can spin on the crankshaft causing damage to the crankshaft and/or balancer. The pinning kit allows the crankshaft and harmonic balancer to be pinned together with a hardened steel pin without removing the harmonic balancer or crankshaft and is designed for use with the TC-Fab lower pulley ring.

An alignment tool is provided to guide the supplied drill bit exactly into the correct spot to be pinned. Once the hole is drilled, the pin is inserted and the provided OE harmonic balancer bolt is inserted and tightened. All necessary hardware and detailed instructions are included.
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