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Supercharger Porting

Supercharger Porting

The as-cast finish of the supercharger is good enough for stock power levels, but when we increase blower speed looking for that extra power the stock port shape and casting flash start to become restrictive.  TC Fab porting reshapes and smooths the air path and enlarges the outlet for better airflow and more power.  20rwhp gains vs unported when added to the lower pulley.

Tuning not required.
  • Details

    We just need the blower case and throttle body mount for porting. The rotors, intercooler lid, injectors, snout, throttle body, and fuel rails should be removed prior to shipping. This cuts shipping weight dramatically and greatly reduces the chance of damage in transit.

    Disassembly is simple with basic hand tools.

    New supercharger oil is included with porting. Use GM gray sealer or equivalent to seal snout to rotors when reassembling.
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